The Dream Machine; The Future of Technology is NOW

You can go one of two ways with technology; you can either become more disconnected, or more connected. Some of our new technologies are giving us the ability to become more connected; not just with this world, but with worlds beyond.

No, I’m not talking about Role Play games or Virtual Reality (although Virtual Reality is stinking cool). I’m talking about the world of our dreams. That’s right- those worlds you visit -mostly without any conscious thought- every single night when you dream.
There is a way to become more and more connected to these worlds and realities, and thus, more so connected to yourself. How? By introducing your conscious mind to the dream. By becoming “awake” within your dream, you can get to know yourself, your unconscious/higher self, on a whole new level.

When you become lucid in your dreams, you do literally anything your heart desires; you can learn new skills, fly, manipulate scenery, ask your subconscious questions, and be whoever and go anywhere you can possibly “dream” of.

By simply typing “Lucid dream technology” into your search engine, you will find an array of technology available to help you lucid dream. My favorite piece of machinery, and one that has proven to be largely effective, is The Aurora Headband; which has created a new generation of lucid dreaming devices.

In the past, devices such as phone apps and sleep masks have been able to detect about when you are dreaming, based on body movement and the REM time cycle, then they send a signal to you, whilst it be a song or a light, to remind you that you are dreaming and help you to become lucid. The Aurora Headband, however, takes it a step further. For the first time, we have placed the technology of an entire brainwave lab, into a small, comfortable, automated device. iWinks has developed specialized software to actually be able to fully detect when you are dreaming. There is no long the guessing game. How crazy is this news? For the first time in history, we are able to detect when you are dreaming from the outside world, on autopilot. No labs, wires, and scientists with fancy coats and clipboards standing over you- just a small, simple headband.

This is the future, folks! This is just the beginning; what’s more to come is sure to amaze all of us.

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